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Welcome to Calas Demonstration insurance

Using the latest quote technology in association with Quotezone it allows you to compare Car, Van & Bike insurance prices from leading motor insurance companies and brokers in real time, so you only have to fill in one form to compare with numerous reputable UK insurers!

The Old Way

Spend hours searching for insurance websites and filling in tedious insurance quote forms.

The New Way

Fill in one simple form and get competitive quotes from cheap UK insurance brokers and companies.

How It Works

When you buy something in a shop or supermarket, quite often one shop charges more than another for the very same item - it's the same with UK car insurance, van insurance and bike insurance. Brokers sell policies which are provided by insurance companies, but they charge their own prices. So, you might find that broker 'A' charges more than broker 'B' for the same policy.

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We compare these prices so you don't have to pay over the odds for your Motor, Van or Bike insurance.

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